We helped Covering All Occasions to increase their revenue by 492% in just 6 months in 2023!

✅ Revenue grown by 492% in 6 months


✅ Orders grown by 392%

✅ Ad spend increased by 200% whilst maintaining ROAS targets

✅ Up 1000% year on year


When Covering All Occasions partnered with us in May of 23’, the founder had been running his own Meta & Google ads, but hadn’t scratched the surface on what was possible for the brand. They we’re predominantly 99% amazon, and wanted to build up D2C sales, but needed to partner with the right marketing team who understood the brand, the customer and could scale fast. Say no more…

How did we do it?

The Acrylic signs was the hero product, so we began testing creatives and angles at pace such as:

- People renovating their homes

- People buying a new home

- People buying a gift for someone doing one of the above

Revenue increased by 492% in 6 months

Orders increased by 392%

Ad spend increased by 200% whilst maintaining ROAS targets

Next steps

We immediately started to find winners so we could begin iterating

- We crafted educational ad content walking potential buyers through the order and production process, overcoming lots of common objections leading to a much better ROAS.

- We put a creative feedback loop in place to iterate on winning creatives

- We continued to test new buying reasons to ensure we didn’t become over reliant on what was currently driving the best results

Q4 Results

We shifted our strategy to focus on kids bedroom signs as these had the most scale potential during gifting season, and managed to significantly increase ad spend profitably driving unparalleled growth for our partners at Covering All Occasions!

We look forward to continuing to grow with them in 2024!

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