How we helped this Health and Wellness brand scale from £34k in Feburary of 2024, to £200k in May 🚀

✅ Revenue up 511%

✅ Orders up 565%

✅ Ad spend profitably scaled from £300 per day to £3500 per day in just 3 months


Founded at the start of 2023, this brand came to us in January of 2024 after a few underwhelming stints with 2 agencies based in the U.K. They operate within the health/ wellness space, and have a wide range of products targeting women between 40-55.


Our process involved creating a custom built strategy that effectively communicated the brand’s key messages through powerful, benefit and outcome focused imagery and user-generated content, naturally appealing to the target demographic.

We built out a creative feedback loop, constantly monitoring hook rates and hold rates of our video creatives, as well as conversion metrics such as CAC/ ROAS. This allowed us to remove the guesswork and spend all of our time producing new assets based on what was already working.

By leveraging this approach, we 5x’d sales in just 3 months, but also gathered valuable data on which specific creatives resonated with their customer.

How did we do it?

Tracking the correct business wide, holistic metrics (not just living inside of the ad account):

MER (Marketing efficiency ratio)

CAC (Customer acquisition costs)

NCAC (New customer acquisition cost)

AOV (Average order value)

CVR (Conversion rate)

CAC:LTV (Customer acquisition costs: life time value ratio) - Arguably most important metric for subscription brands

Revenue up 511%

Orders up 565%

Ad spend profitably scaled from £300 per day to £3500 per day in just 3 months

Once we had the full picture with the above metrics we began to work backwards to implement the perfect Meta marketing strategy that would allow the brand to profitably & efficiently scale finding new customers.

Pain Points

  • Hadn’t clearly identified a hero product, previous agencies were splitting the budget amongst several products and focuses on too many things
  • Weak creative strategy - Not benefit/ outcome focused enough. People buy with emotion, they often don’t care about ingredients etc.

Ad Account overview

We implemented the following:

  • Creative testing/ scaling CBO - We test and scale in the same CBO campaign. This allows us to scale quicker as the machine pushes more budget to winners immediately
  • Advantage+ campaign for Catalog ads - We split out our dynamic catalog ads into their own ASC campaign to stop them from stealing spend, catalog ads serve as remarketing ads and are not too scalable so they need to be split out
  • Cost cap to extend lifespan of winners - We use a cost cap to throw dying winners in with one goal - Extend the lifespan of the creatives. They either don’t spend, or they spend efficiently. This allows us to squeeze more profitable sales out of winning ads.

Hear from our partners

Main ad account takeaways:

  • Always be as consolidated as possible - Gone are the days of needed a new campaign weekly, creative strategy moves the needle. Less campaigns results in a cleaner, easier to manage approach meaning we can spend our time on what really matters.
  • Going as broad as possible with targeting, as soon as possible - We may utilise custom audiences to create lookalikes to speed up the learning process, but we should be aiming to go broad with targeting as soon as possible - Every sale you achieve on a broad audience makes the machine algo much smarter
  • Don't force spend on ads, at any level of your ad account - You don't need to be forcing spend on creatives, if meta isn’t pushing spend to them, you already have your answer. Let the machine go to work and do its thing. 
  • Utilise Catalog ads correctly - We should always use catalog DPAs, but be aware of the role they play in your ad account and don’t try to scale them too hard - They push people over the line. 
  • Creative diversification is KEY - Creative is our targeting now - This is how we tap into different pockets of our audience, by utilising new creative formats.