Helped Monday Muse to profitably increase their revenue by 272% whilst lowering their new customer acquisition cost in just 6 months! 🚀

✅ Average blended ROAS of 6.5x from May to December

✅ 136% Increase in Conversion rate

✅ 275% Increase in orders


Founder of Monday Muse, Lune, reached out to us in April of 2022. They had hit a plateau in revenue and weren't sure how to profitably grow the brand.

How did we do it?

Lune was running a few ads on both FB & TikTok herself, but didn’t have time or confidence to fully commit to Paid Media as she was wearing too many hats in the day to day of the business.

70% New customers

Orders up 275%

Conversion rate up by 136%

When we did our initial audits, we found that the returning customer rate on average was sitting around 50%. Although this is a good sign and speaks volumes about the quality of the product, squeezing the sponge of your existing customer base makes it very difficult to maintain growth in the long term and predict future outcomes. With this being said, we focused heavily on driving new customers with our ads.

We also concluded that the content being produced wasn’t doing the products justice. Knowing how important great content is when it comes to ads in 2022, we worked on numerous briefs with the client to create both educational (entertaining/educational) for top of funnel audiences who have never heard of the brand before, and more emotional/ nailing down value propositions content for retargeting audiences.

The key to scaling in 2022 and onwards is nailing down your unit economics, and creating great content. Once we addressed these two areas, we knew we could get quite aggressive with budgets.

In the early stages, we tested a bunch of products and creatives at pace. Once we found the hero products and winning creative, we put a solid feedback loop in place to ensure we had a big enough backlog of fresh content monthly to prevent ad fatigue. This allowed us to profitably increase our budgets by 50-75% on average per month.

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We’re looking forward to continuing to break records as we approach the peak period of the year in Q4!