How we helped NYDJ to maintain a 5x blended ROAS 🚀

✅ Rev has increased 129% in 6 months 

✅ Orders have increased 129%

✅ Maintained a 5x Blended ROAS

✅ NCPA target of £20 has been maintained


We’d been working with NYDJ in the EU since December of 2022, but in May 23 we helped them branch out into the UK market. A new step for the brand, in a market we specialise in. We couldn’t wait to get going.

How did we do it?

With a hard £20 new customer CPA target, we got to work building out a strategy to ensure we hit this.

As NYDJ had seen some success in the UK pre covid, they had an old dormant customer base here that we were keen to bring back in.

We implemented a full funnel strategy to ensure we could re-acquire existing customers forgotten about the brand, as well as acquiring new customers.

Rev has increased 129% in 6 months

Orders have increased 129%

Maintained a 5x Blended ROAS

We built a retention campaign targeting an old UK customer list, and two prospecting campaigns:

Creative testing


We tested DPAs and creatives at pace in our testing campaign, and duplicated anything that hit our target KPIs into scaling.

We also used the customer list to create lookalike audiences, as we had a brand new ad account with 0 data to work with, this gave us a solid head start. We were quickly able to identify winning creative formats, DPAs utilising intro cards to be specific. We then iterated on this by implementing different USPs to first cards to find winners.

We continued to fine tune this process, finding more winning formats that we could iterate on. We look forward to a record breaking 2024 here in the U.K with NYDJ!

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