Scaled Syenti from 100 orders in January, to 5000 orders in June! 🚀

✅ Revenue increased 5591% in this period

✅ We went from spending £50 per day to £3k per day profitably on ads

✅ Orders up by 5000%

✅ Had best ever sales month in April, then May, then June, then July of 23


Syenti’s aim when partnering with us was pretty simple. They had a decent Q4, but not quite at the level expected.

They had new product ranges dropping and needed a paid media partner who could bring marketing strategy and ideation to synergise with their operational and product/market fit skill set. Say no more

How did we do it?

At first, we knew we had to identify the winning products. With drops coming thick and fast, we wanted to build an ad account around a few hero products as this is essential when scaling. You don’t want to be dependent on just one product in an ad account as you’re just one product away from performance tanking.

Orders up by 5000%

Conversion Rate up by 225%

80% New Customers

No need for retargeting here. Meta is a volume & acquisition tool, we back the machines ability to retarget the highest intent users on its own. We can all spend large chunks of budget on retargeting audiences and have the machine attribute sales from email to stroke our ego, that's not how we operate. Our goal is revenue growth for our partners.

We engaged in aggressive creative and copy testing, as well as daily account optimisation, drawing from website traffic, engagement and limited previous ad data. We strategically tested ad creatives and copy in the testing campaign, and duplicated winners into scaling at a much higher budget.

The next step in this process is to have a solid feedback loop in place on all creative tests. Won or lost. We need to identify why we think the outcome is the outcome, so that we can learn from the data, and use it to inform our next batch of testing.

Creative is more important than ever in 2023, we developed a consistent process of creative iterations, taking high-performing ads and creating new variations to test. By making one tweak at a time to existing creatives, we could then find ‘winning’ ads that granted high conversion rates, click-through rates and thumbstop ratios.

This structure is built to scale ecom brands at speed, and the reason it works is because new creative is added into scaling on a weekly basis, and we’re testing based on data & learnings, NOT throwing stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks.

Implementing this strategy, we were able to take Syenti from spending just £2k on ads in January, to profitably spending a total of £90,362.95 on ads just 5 months later in July 2023.