How we helped Teak to increase their revenue by over 1000% in just 5 months! 🚀

✅ Rev has increased 1000% in the 5 months we’ve worked together

✅ Orders have increased 1000%

✅ Ad spend has been profitably increased from £50 > £500 per day

✅ Maintained a 7x Blended ROAS as we’ve scaled the account

✅ In channel CPA of $6 has been maintained at scale


Teak came on board with us in July after running their ads internally for a while and getting pretty good results. They felt like they’d taken it as far as they could, and wanted to partner with marketing experts to take it to the next level.

How did we do it?

The first step was building a scalable ad account by building it around the following needle moving metrics:

MER (Marketing efficiency ratio)
CAC (Customer acquisition costs)
NCAC (New customer acquisition costs)
LTV (Lifetime value)
AOV (Average order value)
CVR (Conversion rate)

Orders have increased 1000%

Rev has increased 1000%

Maintained a 7x Blended ROAS

We implemented our testing/ scaling campaign structure on Meta, which is constructed of the following:

Creative strategy - You need great ad creatives informed by data. Crafting relatable angles and hooks which speak directly to your target customer.

Creative volume - Creatives fatigue at lightning speed on social media in 2023, so you need to ensure you can produce enough creatives to thrive.

Winning iteration process - Arguably the biggest factor when it comes to scaling an ad account, because it links to the two previous points. Iterating on winners works because not only is it a data driven creative strategy, it also gives you more volume to work with.

Creative feedback loop - Again, vital when scaling. Updating a feedback loop weekly with the previous weeks of creative testing feedback ensures everyone is on the same page and our
creative strategy is informed by valuable, actionable data from what is working at present.

Our ad account structure is incredibly consolidated and simple, we have one campaign for creative testing, and one campaign on a much higher budget for scaling. ALL of our time is spent on creative strategy.

We scale new winners from testing on a weekly basis into our scaling campaign to ensure it’s constantly given new assets to work with, taking weight from current winners.

We then use our feedback loop to craft new creatives for our testing campaign.

Rinse. Repeat. Find a winning process and system that works, and don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Teak are constantly selling out of their best sellers, and having to move to a pre order model which has been our biggest hurdle. We look forward to scaling them past £1k per day in ad spend in the coming months!

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