How we helped Treatbox scale from 200 orders a day in May to 600 orders a day in October 2023! 🚀

✅ Revenue growth 130% In 5 months

✅ Order growth 160% In 5 months

✅ Ad spend profitably scaled from £1000 per day to £4000 per day in 5 months whilst maintaining a 4x blended ROAS

✅ Up 100% year on year


When Treatbox partnered with us in May 2023, they’d been growing in a steady fashion but had the fundamentals in place to scale aggressively, and this was their goal. They had been spending between £1000-£1500 per day across Meta and Google ads for a while, and had hit a plateau at this level. Our favourite kind of challenge.

How did we do it?

When doing our initial audits during the onboarding, we found several bottlenecks leading to this roadblock:

- Not enough creative testing taking place

- This is the biggest lever when it comes to scaling. They we’re over reliant on a small few winning creatives

- Overly confusing ad account structure in need of simplification

- Far too much going on, multiple funnel levels being targeted in the same campaigns leading to confusing and lack of understanding on what percentage of budget is being spent where Spending too much on warm audiences

- They we’re spending too much on previous customers/ previous web visitors, people already familiar with the brand which led to a frequency far too high, and their ads being seen by the same people

- No winning creative iteration process in place or creative feedback loop - Arguably the most important factor once ad spend goes past £1k per day.

Revenue growth 130% In 5 months!

Order growth 160% In 5 months!

4x Blended ROAS maintained at scale!

Our first point of action and learnings from looking at previous data, was that we needed to consolidate the ad account, turn 10 active campaigns into 5 (max). We decided to turn off all retargeting campaigns and use Meta as a new customer acquisition tool, given the fact that Treatbox have a strong LTV and solid retention systems in place anyway, they were wasting money retargeting.

We knew we had to build the ad account around a few winning products, rather than testing all products everywhere. We began split testing products to find our winners with the most scale potential.

Lucky for us, Treatbox is essentially a media company that puts out high quality content on a daily basis on their social channels so we had a good starting point. Knowing they have the capability of producing content at scale, we began storyboarding and building in depth ad creative briefs.

We identified a few winning angles early that allowed us to scale:

- Birthday present

- Self care

- General gifting (all occasions)

Once we nailed down winning products, with winning angles for each product, we knew we could scale hard.We built out a solid creative feedback loop system.

This is updated weekly with data from the previous weeks test, and this is what informs not only Treatbox’ in house content team, but our own graphic designers to keep iterating on winners and producing new ad creative based on what is currently working, and not ideas pulled from the sky.

Treatbox are now spending over £100k per month on ads, and we look forward to continuing to scale them aggressively in 2024 and onwards.

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