We helped Turmeric Vitality to scale their revenue by 116% in just 4 months whilst lowering NCAC!

✅ Revenue increased by 116%

✅ NCAC decreased by 25%

✅ Return customer rate dropped from 80% to 50%

✅ Scaled Ad spend by 130% whilst hitting NCAC target at scale


We partnered with Turmeric Vitality in October of 2023, they have an incredibly strong Amazon presence, but had struggled to grow the D2C side, had been with several agencies but couldn’t hit their NCAC target and scale with paid advertising. CAC on Meta had been as high as £40 in some months…

How did we do it?

Main problems we found:

- Account needed consolidation

- Over 5 active campaigns, all targeting the same audiences resulting in overlap

- Meta strategy was built for warm audiences, already familiar with the brand

- Creative wasn’t good enough, didn’t educate consumers well enough on the benefits of the product

- Not excluding existing customers, so the numbers were skewed between new and existing customers

Revenue increased by 116%

NCAC decreased by 25%

Scaled Ad spend by 130% whilst hitting NCAC target at scale

Our Approach

- First action was consolidating the ad account. We cut all campaigns and stuck with a consolidated account structure moving forward. Just one campaign for creative testing, and one campaign for scaling winners.

- We excluded all existing customers from our campaigns to ensure we’re only bringing in new customers. We also opted to use Meta as an awareness tool only, meaning no retargeting. Only cold audiences, targeting people unfamiliar with the brand.

- LTV:CAC is the hero metric for consumable health and wellness brands. We placed this, as well as NCAC (New customer cost per acquisition) at the top of our metrics hierarchy. Ad account ROAS doesn’t mean anything and is vanity. We focused on LTV:CAC in 60, 90, and 120 day periods knowing how strong Turmerics LTV is in these periods.

Creative strategy & Production

- We crafted a solid creative strategy, testing several different products/angles/ emotional motivators/ pain points to see which resonated the best with cold audiences… See some of our winners.(Show collagen, turmeric, and ashwagada comparison assets all on phones)

- Our in house Graphic Design produced all assets, working closely with our account manager who storyboards and builds out the conversion optimised creative briefs

Scaling Strategy

- We identified several winning creatives, and a new hero product (Ashwaghanda)

- We began iterations on the winning assets- As well as sending the product out to UGC creators within our network to shoot on brand, authentic content to help overcome customers pain points

- This is key at scale- We only scaled using a cost cap campaign allowing us to control our NCAC

- Efficiency is often compromised at scale, but not when you use cost control campaigns in the correct way.

Hear from our partners

January 2024 results

- January was Turmerics best ever D2C month, we spent a total of £25k on Meta and Google ads whilst achieving a £20 NCAC

- We crafted great content tapping into the ‘new year new me’ angle - Return customer rate was the lowest it's ever been at 50%